The exam in a foreign language is possible at CBR.

Take notice it will take about 6 weeks to organise things.

Here is what you will have to do:

open this link and you will find all the information direct on the site


1) Book your exam by using this link:

You have to fill out the form at this page, download it and sent it to:

CBR divisie CCV
Postbus 1810
2280 DV Rijswijk


2 book the interpreter by using this link:

You can find a list of approved interpreter services via this link.


Do you want to use an interpreter for your CBR exams? Make sure you hire an interpreter yourself (or with your trainer).

The condition for this is that the interpreter is registered with one of the approved interpreter services. 
Arrange this at least 14 days before your exam. This will ensure that an interpreter is available during your exam. The listed interpreters are independent and know the specific terms used in the exams.

Please make sure you confirm the appointment with the interpreter service properly. If you appear for the exam without an interpreter registered with one of the approved interpreter services, the exam will not take place. You are then not entitled to a refund.